Episode #29: The Mysterious Murder of Kanika Powell/ The Mysterious Disappearance of Diana Rojas

Summary of the Case (Kanika):

In 2008, Kanika Powell was living and working in Maryland. Her job required top government security clearance. One day a man came to her door and represented himself as FBI. She did not allow him inside her apartment, and he left, and she was able to confirm he was not FBI. A few days later, a man came to her door saying he was delivering a package, but did not have a package with him. The next day, another man tried the same rouse. Kanika and her family were getting concerned about this apparent scam, but nothing prepared them for what was to come. One day when Kanika came home from running errands, someone had been waiting for her outside her apartment. Kanika was shot to death. No evidence was left behind, and no one saw the killer.

Jason Scott

Many theories have been speculated as to what happened to Kanika, especially in relation to her government job. One of the top theories is that she was a victim of Jason Scott, a serial killer who lived in Maryland at the time Kanika was murdered. He worked for UPS and may have used the database to find victims. He is currently serving 180 years in prison for murder and other crimes, although has not admitted to being a serial killer and has never admitted to being involved with Kanika’s murder.

Summary of the Case (Diana):

Diana’s car

In 2000, Diana Rojas was living in California with her young daughter. Her estranged husband lived in an adjacent condo in the same building. They were getting a divorce, and Diana was fighting for custody, and had accused her estranged husband of being abusive towards Diana. One day, Diana mysteriously disappeared from her apartment. There was no sign of a struggle, and her car was missing. Police initially ruled she left on her own. But she took no belongings, no money, and would never leave her daughter behind. In 2016 police re-looked at the investigation. They worked on some tips to recover her car which had never been found, but were unable to find it. Diana and her car have never been seen since.

She is hispanic, and was about 5’2 and between 115-130 lbs when she was last seen. Her car was a 1992 Nissan pickup truck, white with pinstripes, the license plate read BY3242. If anyone has any information about her disappearance, please call Long Beach police at (562) 570-7244.

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