Episode # 26: Jennifer Lockmiller

Summary of the case:

In 1993, in Normal, Illinois, Illinois State University student 22-year-old Jennifer Lockmiller would be found brutally murdered in her apartment. She had been strangled and stabbed, and investigators suspected she had also been sexually assaulted. Her current boyfriend had an alibi, but her ex-boyfriend, who she had had a very volatile relationship with, had a weak alibi, as he claimed to be home sleeping after working the night shift when she died. However, he also claimed to have been 2 hours away in Rockford IL, and would therefore have not been able to commit the crime and get home in time for his parents to see him at home. Despite this, Alan Beaman, the ex-boyfriend of Jennifer, was put on trial for her murder in 1995.

Alan Beaman Circa 1995

As it turned out, Jennifer had cheated on Alan with his roommate, something that caused a huge fight between Jennifer and Alan. Witnesses would testify that Alan had been so upset over fights in the past that he had knocked Jennifer’s door down and punched holes in her walls. Despite all of this, the defense claimed that Alan had moved on from the relationship and would never have hurt Jennifer. However, Alan was found guilty of the murder of Jennifer and sentenced to 50 years in prison. He immediately began working on his appeal, citing information about a third person who may have had interest in killing Jennifer was withheld from the defense, a Brady violation. In 2008, the Illinois Supreme Court agreed, and Alan’s conviction was overturned. The McLean county DA eventually dropped the charges. In 2012, DNA from the crime scene was tested and it was discovered it did not belong to Alan. Following this, Alan was certified as innocent of the murder of Jennifer Lockmiller.

Who really killed Jennifer remains a mystery to this day, although Normal police have stated they are continuing the investigation.

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