Episode #24: The Disappearance of Alissa Turney

Summary of the Case:

On May 17th, 2001, in Phoenix, AZ, Alissa Turney would suddenly disappear from her home she shared with her half-sister and step-dad. A note would be left behind saying she was running away, however very little of her possessions were missing, her phone was left behind, and she did not take any of the money she had been saving.

Unfortunately the case would be classified as a runaway, and go cold for several years until 2006, when a man in prison for murder would confess to killing Alissa. The confession was false, but it would push investigators into re-opening the case. They looked at her step-father, Michael Turney, who many sources had told police had been molesting his step-daughter. Police went to his house with a search warrant, and found guns and pipe bombs. Michael plead guilty to possession of the weapons, but to this day maintains his innocence of ever molesting or killing Alissa.

Alissa’s sister Sarah Turney has been Alissa’s biggest advocate, and is working hard to find her sister. She has her own podcast , and another podcast on the case called Missing Alissa has also done a great job of addressing the case. Sarah firmly believes her father is guilty, and has a petition to bring him to justice. Currently she is working on creating billboards to bring awareness. She also asks that as many people as possible bring awareness to the case, so please tell your friends and share the story!

Sources for this Episode:

Reddit post
Justice for Alissa
Crime Junkie episode
Missing Alissa episodes 1-13
Charley Project
Article 1
Sarah Turney’s Twitter

We strive to list a comprehensive list of our sources, however, if you believe a source is missing, please contact us at internetsleuthspodcast@gmail.com or through this website

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