Episode #2: Kidnapping of Jayme Closs

Summary of the case

In September 2018, Jake Patterson saw 13-year-old Jayme Closs getting off a school bus while he was driving to work. From that moment, he became obsessed with the teenage girl he had never met, and began a plan to kidnap her. After a failed a few failed attempts, he finally entered her house by force with the aide of a shotgun. He shot and killed her father point blank, before forcing himself into the bathroom where Jayme and her mother were hiding. He shot and killed her mother before forcibly taking Jayme. He kept her in captivity in his bedroom for 88 days, where he would often force her to hide under his bed. One day, when he was gone, Jayme got the courage to escape and find help. She was finally rescued. Upon his capture, Jake admitted to what he had done, and eventually plead guilty to kidnapping and murder. He is currently serving 2 life sentences.

In June 2019, a second man, unrelated to the murder and abduction, was convicted of misdemeanor theft of Jayme’s clothing. Following the news of the parents murder and teen’s abduction, 33-year-old Kyle Jaenke-Annis used the opportunity to break into the family home to steal clothes belonging to Jayme, including her underwear. He was sentenced to probation.

Note: a picture of Jayme is not included because she is an underage victim.

Sources for this Episode:

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We strive to list a comprehensive list of our sources, however, if you believe a source is missing, please contact us at internetsleuthspodcast@gmail.com or through this website

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