Episode #12: Evelyn Hernandez–the other Laci Peterson

Summary of the Case:

On May 1st, 2002, 24-year-old pregnant Evelyn dropped her son off at daycare and then later picked him up that day. That was the last time either of them were ever seen. A week later, her married ex-boyfriend Herman was the one to report Evelyn as missing. In their preliminary search, the police found Evelyn’s wallet with $40 cash in a parking lot. The parking lot where her wallet was found was a gas station parking lot nearby Herman’s limo business.

            Police initially thought that Evelyn had gone away somewhere to prepare for the delivery of her second baby. The Modesto police did not hold the first news conference to ask for public help until Evelyn and her children had been missing for a month, when the homicide unit took over the case. The local hispanic community circulated flyers and tried to garner media coverage, but Evelyn’s story was never picked up. Only a few local articles covered the discovery of her body, 2 months after she went missing.

            On July 24th, 2002, the torso and lower extremities of a female body was found in the San Francisco bay. 2 months later, DNA testing would show what the Hernandez family had feared: this was the body of Evelyn Hernandez. The baby was not with her body, and neither the baby nor Alex have ever been found.

Laci Peterson

Evelyn has often been dubbed “the other Laci Peterson”, due to similarities in their cases. They were in the same area of California (Modesto), around the same age, both were pregnant, and both were found dead in the San Francisco Bay within months of one another. However, while Laci’s case still gets media attention to this day, Evelyn’s case has barely gotten any media attention. Authorities have said the cases are not connected. And while Laci’s husband is currently on death row for her murder, Evelyn’s case continues to be unsolved, lending to the idea of the “missing white woman” phenomena, which states that missing pretty white women continually get more media attention than persons of color.

If you have any information about the case of Evelyn, please contact San Francisco police at 415-553-1071.

Sources for the Episode:

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We strive to list a comprehensive list of our sources, however, if you believe a source is missing, please contact us at internetsleuthspodcast@gmail.com or through this website

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