Episode #33: Dellen Millard, Mark Smich; and the Murders of Tim Bosma, Laura Babcock and Wayne Millard

Summary of the Case:

Tim Bosma

In 2013, in Canada, Tim Bosma was attempting to sell his truck. Two men called and showed interest in the truck. They came one night and asked for a test drive with Tim. Tim was nervous, but he went on the ride. He would never come home again. Canada would see a huge manhunt, and within 5 days, the first suspect was arrested, Dellen Millard. Dellen was a young man, who had inherited millions of dollars and was living as a playboy. Not long after, his best friend Mark Smich would be arrested. At the trial, it would be revealed that men matching Dellen and Mark had looked at a similar truck the night before, and Tim’s widow reported similar looking men who came to the house the night of the abduction. Dellen had told employees not to come to his business the day after the abduction. Tim’s truck was found in Dellen’s mother’s driveway, and Tim’s blood was in the truck, as well as Dellen’s fingerprints. An industrial animal incinerator was found on Dellen’s property, which contained human bone remains and Tim’s blood. Dellen and Mark were found guilty of the first degree murder.

Laura Babcock

But this wasn’t the first person in contact with Mark and Dellen who went missing. In 2012, Laura Babcock, who was sexually involved with Dellen, went missing. Dellen’s girlfriend had recently found out Dellen and Laura were sexually involved, and Dellen promised to “get rid” of Laura. Laura’s cell phone was last used to call Dellen, and pinged off the same location Dellen was at. The day after she went missing, Dellen’s industrial incinerator was delivered. Laura’s remains have never been recovered, although Mark wrote a rap song about destroying a woman’s body. Mark and Dellen were found guilty of first degree murder of Laura Babcock.

Wayne Millard

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. After Dellen’s arrest for Tim Bosma, investigators decided to re-investigate the alleged suicide of Dellen’s father, Wayne Millard. Wayne had supposedly shot himself in the head with a gun. Investigators determined Dellen had bought a second phone, and had used the phone to get taxis to travel from his father’s home and back on the night his father died. Investigators determined the trajectory was a very unlikely way for one to shoot one’s self. Dellen was found guilty of first degree murder of his father. He has a non-parole period of 75 years. He is appealing all 3 murder convictions as well as his non-parole period.



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